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Self-Certified Private Arborist Program 2.0

Self-Certified Arborist Program Final-01

One of Mayor Castor's Transforming Tampa's Tomorrow (T3) Development Services major recommendations is to Streamline the Process to improve efficiency of the permitting process. ​

The Self-Certified Private Arborist pilot program assists in streamlining the development process by providing arborists with skills to be fully comprehensive in the Chapter 27 Tree and Landscape Code. By being a part of the program this reduces resubmittals, expands permit approval and issuance.

Self Certified Private Arborist Pilot Program

  1. Tree conditions evaluation/risk assessments for issuance of tree removal permits (protected, specimen and grand).​
  2. Tree conditions evaluation/risk assessments for issuance of tree pruning permits (specimen and grand).​
  3. Certification of tree surveys for use in zoning reviews, right-of-way permit reviews, and building permit reviews.​
  4. Certification of arborist reports for use in zoning reviews, right-of-way permit reviews, and building permit reviews.

  1. Applicants for the SCPA program must have an active ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certification
  2. Certification valid for the certified arborist only and cannot  be used by another person,  company or entity.​
  3. Recertification is required every two years and attendance at quarterly advisory meetings will be required to maintain SCPA Membership.​
  4. Self-Certification requires use of City approved forms and evaluation/risk assessment methods.​
  5. Documentation provided as part of Self-Certification submittals, as described above, will serve as the accepted information for a specific development site, without re-inspection by Natural Resources.​
  6. As needed, Natural Resources may perform routine audits of forms, reports, documentation, methods, etc., submitted by SCPA’s.​
  7. Should any changes be made to any local, state, or federal laws and/or rules that affect the current City Codes and Technical Standards taught, additional/update courses may be required, in order to maintain a valid certification.  If such courses are not successfully completed, the certification may become void.​
  8. If an audit is conducted and SCPA found to be in violation of program, certification may become void.​

New Certifications will be received every year on the schedule below.​

May - June: Application status is open to apply for SCPA 2.0
July: Applications received and reviewed by Natural Resources Staff 
August: Notification sent to qualified applicants to attend training
September: SCPA Training Class is held
October: Once attending the class and passing the exam, certification becomes active for 2 years.