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New Four-Way Stops Near Plant High School Designed to Make Students Safer

The City of Tampa Mobility Team recently installed new All-Way-Stop intersections and crosswalks near Plant High School, making it safer for students, teachers, and staff to cross the street. 

"The City of Tampa is committed to making our streets as safe as possible for everyone, especially when it comes to our students,” said Brandie Miklus, City of Tampa Mobility & Infrastructure Project Coordinator. “That's why we are so focused on installing four-way stops near schools. They help to slow down traffic and protect children who are walking or biking to and from class.”

The following changes have been made:

  • Travelers along S Himes Avenue will now have an All-Way-Stop at W San Jose Street and W Barcelona Street.
  • Travelers along W San Miguel Street will now have an All-Way-Stop at S Sterling Avenue / Plant High's north entrance/exit.
  • The City also installed striping in 10 different crosswalks throughout the project area.

Additionally, the City of Tampa Mobility Department took steps to address problems with students running out of available parking on campus.

  • The City of Tampa Mobility Department also added more than 20 marked parking spaces. Two of those spaces will soon be designated as ADA with accessible ramps to be installed at a later date.
  • In addition, the Plant H.S. Carline lane will be converted to a parking lane outside of school hours and days, resulting in a total of 40+ available car spaces.

These projects support Tampa's Vision Zero mission of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries and creating safer streets for all.

The City of Tampa is working to create safer road conditions by adding more four-way stops near Tampa’s local schools, busy intersections, and within neighborhoods. The City of Tampa's Mobility Department has completed over 110 four-way stop intersections since October 2021, with plans for many more.

The City of Tampa’s Citywide Multiway Stop Sign Program is a part of the Mobility Department’s “Quick Build” Initiative.

There are many benefits to converting two-way stops to four-way stops, including: 

  • Substantially reducing crashes that result in injuries
  • Prevents drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians from having to navigate crossing busy lanes of traffic 
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Inexpensive to install, compared to roundabouts or traffic signals
  • Improves experience of residents throughout neighborhood streets, as well as adjacent, busier streets 

The City of Tampa, Mayor Jane Castor, and Tampa City Council are all committed to Vision Zero, a strategy to eliminate roadway fatalities and severe injuries while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.