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Suspect arrested after shooting at Police Officer

This information is 1 year 9 months old and may no longer be accurate.


DATE/TIME: July 30 starting at 6:52 PM

31 year old male arrested after being involved in multiple shootings in the city, county, and along the interstate; shooting at police officer.

At 6:52 PM, Tampa Poice received a 911 call regarding a suspect shooting from a moving vehicle on I275 near West Shore Blvd. Additional calls were recieved with similar reports in the area of Reo St and Cypress St. A report was received regarding victims being shot by the same suspect reported on I275 near West Shore Boulevard. The two adult victims in that incident were reported to have non-life threatening injuries.

Just after 7:30 PM, a Tampa Police officer attempted a felony stop on the suspect traveling eastbound E. Hillsborough Avenue. The suspect pulled his vehicle southbound onto N. 43rd St, exited, and opened fire on the officer. Multiple rounds penetrated the front windshield and shattered the back windshield.

The 24 year old officer ducked as the bullets came towards him. Multiple shots penetrated the front windshield, and shattering the rear windshield of the of the police car. The suspect then ran into the Brandywine apartment complex, where officers tracked him to a third floor landing and took him into custody.

The officer sustained a non-life threatening injury to the arm from the gunshots and shattering glass. He was transported to Tampa General Hospital. Chief Dugan met him at the hospital and reports that the officer, with 11 months on duty, is in good spirits.

The investigation is still in its earliest stages. Currently, we have learned the suspect was involved in multiple shootings around the city, the county, and on I-275 within a 40 minute time span before our officer attempted to pull him over.