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Bicycle Safety & Registration

Bicycle Officers

The Tampa Police Department is working with bicyclists to help them protect their bicycles against permanent loss due to theft. Bicycle registration is a free service that allows officers to safely return lost or stolen bicycles to their rightful owners.

Register your two-wheels today using online reporting


Florida Bicycle Association



Florida Bicycle Law is a private web site and blog dedicated to assisting law enforcement officers and is a product of the Florida Bicycle Association.


Florida Bicycle Law ToolKit


From the Florida Bicycle Law web site:

"Law Enforcement agencies and the cycling community share a common goal of maintaining a safe and civil traffic system. The Florida Bicycle Law Toolkit is a project to aid Law Enforcement officers in their duties and to enhance the relationship between officers and cyclists. We encourage both officers and cyclists to ask questions, share experiences and participate in discussions. Together, we will make Florida roadways safer, more civil and more accessible for all users."


From the Safe Kids USA web site: "Safe Kids USA is a nationwide network of organizations working to prevent unintentional childhood injury, the leading cause of death and disability for children ages 1 to 14."

From the University of Florida's Pedestrian & Bicycling Safety web site:

"The Florida Pedestrian/Bicycling Safety Resource Center promotes safe pedestrian and bicycling activities for citizens and visitors, young and old, by providing educational materials and information to advocate groups in the state.

The Pedestrian/Bicycling Safety Resource Center is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation Safety Office and has been housed at the University of Florida Technology Transfer (T2) Center since 2009."