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Police Records and Online Reporting

Make a Report, Request a Report or File a Registration

Request a Copy of a Report

Use this service to initiate a request for a record.  Examples include:

  • Traffic / Crash Reports - A report of a traffic crash in the City of Tampa.
  • CAD Reports - CAD Call or dispatch call notes.
  • Incident / General Offense Report - Any incident, other than a traffic crash, where a report was written.
  • Address Search / Calls for Service - A search of a specific address (Refer to the City Boundary Map to verify this address is within the limits of the City of Tampa).
  • Name Search - A list of any/all contact by TPD with a specific person.
  • Background Checks - A list of all arrests by TPD (does not include other agencies).
  • Body Worn Camera Video

More Information on types of crimes that can be reported, fees and required documentation.

File a Report or Registration

This service is used for the making the following reports:

  • Check Forgery
  • Credit-Debit Card Fraud
  • Criminal Mischief (Vandalism)
  • Criminal Mischief (Vandalism) - Graffiti
  • Criminal Mischief (Vandalism) - Vehicle
  • Fraudulent Admission Ticket
  • Harassing Phone Call
  • Identity Theft, Illegal Dumping
  • Lost Property
  • Package Theft
  • Phone Scam
  • Private Property Accident
  • Shoplifting/Retail Theft
  • Supplemental Information for a Previously Filed Report
  • Theft of Services.

This service is also used to register a bicycle or camera.

More information about reporting a crime or filing a registration.       English      Spanish

Updated: 03/25/2024