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About Real Estate

The Real Estate Division is part of the Planning and Development Department. The Division acts as a central service organization, providing the purchase, sale, leasing and property management services of real estate for other City departments.

These services include the acquiring of land or easements needed for street improvements, fire stations, drainage basins, pump station sites, sewers, general utilities, ingress and egress over certain designated properties, and special development related projects.

The Real Estate Division also sells properties which are considered surplus and are not needed by the City. These properties are available for sale to the general public. The City Land For Sale Report is available at the Division's office or can be downloaded under Available Property Report.

Another service performed by the Real Estate Division is the leasing of vacant lands, office space and warehouses needed by the various City Departments. The Real Estate Division also leases City owned properties to other governmental entities, non-profit corporations, private businesses and individuals. The Real Estate Division actively participates in the purchase of environmentally sensitive lands through the Environmental Land Acquisition and Protection Program (E.L.A.P.P.) funded by Hillsborough County and other governmental and private funding sources.

The Division has no budgeted funds of its own for use in purchasing properties and thus acts only at the direction of other City Departments or Divisions.

The Real Estate Division maintains records of property owned by the City, including rights-of-way, easements or other miscellaneous parcels.