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Community Redevelopment Agency

Tampa CRA - Strengthening Communites

The Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency is a public entity established under the guidelines of the Community Redevelopment Act (Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes) to implement community redevelopment activities within designated Community Redevelopment Areas or districts. Tampa’s Community Redevelopment Areas or districts include Central Park, Channel District, Downtown, Drew Park, East Tampa, Tampa Heights Riverfront, West Tampa, and Ybor City. Members of Tampa City Council serve as the Community Redevelopment Agency board and work closely with City staff to manage projects, programs, and redevelopment funding. The Tampa’s Community Redevelopment Agency board along with their Community Advisory Committees (CAC) work together to improve the quality of life within these areas or districts.

Mission Statement:

Through planning, collaboration, and innovation, Tampa's Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) aims to enhance and develop communities by creating thriving and inclusive neighborhoods that foster economic growth, enhance qualify of life, and preserve the unique character.

Vision Statement:

The Tampa CRA champions a future where vibrant neighborhoods and businesses flourish through proactive preservation and redevelopment efforts that strengthen communities in an equitable, diverse, and sustainable way.

Goals and Objectives:

To complete its mission, the department focuses on the following goals and objectives:

  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships and community partnerships with residents, stakeholders, and businesses.
  • Identify potential developments or investment opportunities with long-term economic development benefits.
  • Maintain financially secure budgets for each one of the Community Redevelopment Areas annually.
  • Provide transparent communication to the public regarding CRA programs, projects, and progress.
  • Identify and develop effective community partnerships to contribute to a better community.
  • Work with the City to anticipate future infrastructure needs and proposed CRA partnership projects.


Community Redevelopment Board Members

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Community Redevelopment Areas

Investing in neighborhood redevelopment is a high priority in each of Tampa's eight community redevelopment areas. From Downtown to Drew Park, redevelopment activity is helping to make Tampa's neighborhoods more attractive, safe, convenient, environmentally healthy, and economically strong.

Central Park Public Art

Central Park

Boasting great views of Downtown and convenient access to the urban job center and Ybor City,  Central Park is emerging with new residences, business opportunities, and great recreational amenities. 

Channel District CRA

The Channel District

The Channel District is fulfilling its transformation from a warehouse district to a vibrant urban residential and arts and entertainment magnet. 

Downtown skyline with blue skies


Downtown continues building its reputation as a high-caliber urban center that features quality residential, commercial, and recreational assets. 

Drew Park CRA signage

Drew Park

The location of Drew Park is highly advantageous due to its close proximity to several key amenities, such as Tampa International Airport, Hillsborough Community College, professional sports and recreational facilities, and major employers. As a result, this area is ideally positioned to attract private investment.

East Tampa CRA

East Tampa CRA

East Tampa is ideally situated between Downtown, the Port of Tampa and the University of South Florida and offers convenient access to three interstates and Tampa International Airport.

Tampa Heights CRA

Tampa Heights

Tampa Heights Riverfront’s close proximity to Downtown makes this redevelopment area a prime location for redevelopment investment. 

West Tampa CRA

West Tampa

With its central location in the heart of the city between Downtown and the Westshore business district, West Tampa is poised for major redevelopment activity. 

Ybor City at Sunset

Ybor City

The exciting traditions of Ybor City continue to attract millions of visitors to the national historic landmark district each year. 

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