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Real Estate FAQ

Does the City of Tampa Real Estate Division deal with private purchases or sales of homes?
The City of Tampa Real Estate Department does not. The City works solely with property owned by the City, or acquires property held for future projects.

Is it the responsibility of the Real Estate department to settle Landlord/Tenant disputes within the city limits of Tampa?
Disputes between landlord and tenants are civil matters to be handled by the parties involved. Please call (272-6750) if intervention is required.

When property is purchased from the City of Tampa, what are the basic procedures?
The property value is determined and a contract is written and agreed on by the parties involved. Cash for the property is due at closing and must be paid for by the purchaser. This process usually takes between 45-60 days, but could take longer.

When purchasing property from the City, who is responsible for paying the costs incurred as a result of title work, surveys and appraisals?
The purchaser pays for all costs.

Does the Real Estate Department rent or lease houses?
The Real Estate Department does not rent or lease houses. Housing and Community Development (HCD) and the Tampa Housing Authority may have information about this.

Do I report complaints regarding a Real Estate Broker or Salesperson to the Real Estate Division?
Complaints regarding Real Estate Brokers or Salespersons are handled by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation or the Florida Real Estate Commission (F.R.E.C.).

Where can I find information regarding Real Estate Taxes and/or Property Ownership?
Information regarding Real Estate Taxes or Property Ownership can be found at the Hillsborough County Property Appraisers web site.

Who is responsible for maintenance of City owned properties?
The City is responsible for the maintenance of City owned property. Inquiries can be directed to either the Parks and Recreation Department or the Real Estate Division.

Where can a citizen obtain a list of all City properties for sale?
The Real Estate Division has a list of properties. A list is provided for download by clicking on the "Request for Proposals" link provided in the index under Information Resources. Please note that the list will be updated as property becomes available.