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About Community Engagement and Partnerships

The Community Engagement and Partnerships Department serves as the Mayor's main liaison to the neighborhood associations and as their voice at City Hall.  This division also works with all community partners and private entities to promote and build positive relationships that will showcase the City of Tampa as a desirable living and working environment.


Community Engagement and Partnerships is committed to identifying community areas citywide and developing a diverse array of partners in these designated areas to engage with each other.  Our mission is to create a holistic approach that connects new and existing diverse stakeholders with similar vested interests.  Our vision is to facilitate open communications in an effort to generate solution-focused initiatives that will enhance, empower and strengthen communities.

Goals and Objectives

  • Maintain company outreach efforts through meetings, public forums, email, media, telephone, special events and direct contact with our stakeholders
  • Facilitate the development of new and existing associations
  • Maintain databases and website
  • Support various committees, task forces, boards, and organizations in the community
  • Communicate, Educate, Celebrate and Promote