Mayor's Neighborhood University

The Mayor's Neighborhood University provides community members several exciting opportunities to learn about and interact with their City government. Sit at the head of the class for a "Saturday Session" to earn certifications, participate in insightful workshops, or get hands-on with special equipment. Experience a new class and meet neighbors from across the city each month. Classes take place at the City's Community Engagement Hub, located inside the City Center at Hanna Avenue (2555 East Hanna Avenue).

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Upcoming MNU Saturday Sessions

Florida-Friendly Landscaping

June 8 from 9am-Noon

City Center at Hanna Avenue, 2555 East Hanna Avenue

Learn about Florida Friendly Landscaping (TM) from certified experts. This Saturday Session will provide easy-to-understand advice to help your landscape flourish. Participants will receive research-backed information as well as water-saving tools.

July 13 - Storm Preparedness

Updated: 05/20/2024