Mayor's Neighborhood University

Dear Community Leader,

In 2013, we launched the Mayor's Neighborhood University with 65 Tampanians in the inaugural session from a pool of 154 applications. Citizens wanted to get involved and work with their government to make Tampa the best place to live, work and play.


We have graduated 350 alumni to date. During each session, the class is able to experience the City of Tampa Administration on a whole new level while also cultivating leadership skills and being educated on Tampa as a whole from their class mates. It is my continued goal that through the Neighborhood University, and our investment in each class member, their experience will be able to help further develop current and future neighborhood leaders while also building stronger relationships between my administration and the people. After all, this is your city.


Click on the APPLY ONLINE  link below and your name will be considered by the Mayor’s administration.

My commitment to our neighborhoods extends to growing the next generation of community leaders so that they can continue the progress we have made. By you applying to participate in my Neighborhood University, you are joining me and helping the future generations to come.

Warmest Regards,

Jane Castor, Mayor
City of Tampa



Please check back for the next scheduled Mayor’s Neighborhood University 2.0 session.


To read about the inaugural Mayor's Neighborhood University session, please read this article from 83 Degrees:




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Thank you for your interest in the Mayor’s Neighborhood University!

On behalf of Mayor Jane Castor, her Executive Team, City departments and the Mayor’s Neighborhood University team, we have been honored and humbled for the opportunity to engage hundreds of existing and future leaders, by bringing them closer to their City of Tampa government through this amazingly informative, educational and F-U-N, behind the scenes experience. The level of advocacy and civic pride all of our participants have shown throughout our communities citywide is priceless and beyond anything we could have ever imagined this program would accomplish. Thank you MNU Alumni family; please continue to be the voice for all our neighborhoods and remain Tampa Strong!

Updated: 10/01/2023