Tampa Solid Waste Recognizes International E- Waste Day

This information is 5 months 2 weeks old and may no longer be accurate.

The City of Tampa's Solid Waste Department is asking residents to consider donating their unwanted electronics on Friday, October 14, for International E-Waste Day. 

When discarded inappropriately, electronics can be dangerous to wildlife, the environment, and solid waste employees by exposing them to more than 1,000 harmful substances, including lead, mercury and nickel. 

In 2020, e-waste weighed substantially more than all the adults in Europe, or as much as 350 cruise ships, enough to form a line more than 77 miles long, according to the World Health Organization. The growth of e-waste will also continue as the use of computers, mobile phones and other electronics continues to expand.

International E-Waste Day reminds residents to leave all small and large electronics out of household trash and recycling. 

Residents who are no longer using electronics and want to know how to dispose of them properly can download the Tampa Trash and Recycling App for a list of locations that accept electronics.

MacDonald Training Center is one of the many sites that partner with the City of Tampa Solid Waste Department to accept unwanted computers and other electronic items. 

Once unwanted electronics are dropped off at the center, students start processing the items. Devices are disassembled and parts are re-used. Unwanted electronics like computers are refurbished and re-sold. The money generated from this program will go to fund other programs at MacDonald Training Center. 

MacDonald Training Center prepares people with disabilities for in-demand jobs with training, certifications and hands-on experience.