Incorporation History

Compiled for the City of Tampa Archives by W. Curtis Welch, CA

November 1823 * - Col. Brooke was issued orders to establish a military post on Tampa Bay by U.S. Secretary of War Calhoun.

January 18, 1824 * - Col. Brooke, along with James Gadsden and four companies of infantry, arrived in Tampa Bay.

January 18, 1849 - 14 men vote unanimously to establish Tampa Village with a trustee form of government.

January 25, 1849 - Village of Tampa elects 5 trustees with M.G. Sikes elected president.

October 10, 1852 - Citizens vote to abolish the village government.

September 10, 1853 - Citizens vote to organize as the Town of Tampa with a Board of Trustee form of government.

September 15, 1855 - Citizens vote to abolish the Town government and establish a City Charter.

December 15, 1855 - Governor Broome signs Special Act of the Florida Legislature granting a charter for the City of Tampa.

February 22, 1862 - The City Government is suspended by Confederate Military Authorities during Civil War.

October 25, 1866 - Elections held per Florida State Legislature to reorganize the Incorporation of the City of Tampa.

March 11, 1869 - The citizens of Tampa for the No Corporation People's Ticket to disenfranchise the City government.

August 11, 1873 - Citizens hold town meeting and vote to re- incorporate as Town of Tampa.

July 15, 1887 - City of Tampa organizes under special act of the Florida Legislature abolishing the governments of the Town of Tampa and Town of North Tampa and establishing the charter for the City of Tampa.

* Although not incorporation dates for Tampa itself, these are critical dates to the subsequent development of the civilian governments in the area.