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Agenda Online - Frequently Asked Questions

What is City of Tampa Agenda Online?

Agenda Online is the public facing agenda portal where you can access upcoming and past City Council meeting agendas and minutes.

How do I get to City of Tampa Agenda Online?

  1. From TAMPA.GOV click the drop down for Government and select either City Council or City Clerk.
  2. Both sites have a link to AGENDA ONLINE (NEW).
    • From City Council: Scroll down the page to the Menu section and click AGENDA ONLINE (NEW) 
    • From City Clerk: Scroll down the page to the Services section and click AGENDA ONLINE (NEW)
    You can also access AGENDA ONLINE using the following link/URL

How do I find a meeting?

The front page of Agenda Online lists Meeting & Agendas. Upcoming meetings are listed first. Upcoming meetings are listed by meeting date with the first upcoming meeting and extending to meetings for the next 60 days. You can re-sort by Meeting Name, Meeting Type or Meeting Date by clicking the column heading. You may also filter items in a column by using the down arrow under the column heading.

The past 60 days of concluded Meetings are at the bottom of the page, under the Recent tab. You can sort and filter by columns here using the same method identified above.

How do I find meetings older than 60 days?

Agenda Online is the repository for City Council meetings and meetings dating back 10 years can be found in the Agenda Online Portal.

To find older meetings select the Meetings tab from the blue ribbon. In the Date Range field click the drop down and select Custom Date Range, this will show a start date and end date to find stored agendas.

NOTE: There is a search limit of 100 items that can be displayed, try refining your search if you do not find your desired results.

What happens if I do not know the meeting date?

You can use Search Text to find agenda items by content rather than by date or type. From the Meetings tab go to the Search Meeting Content page. In the Search Text field type the text string you want to search on. Agenda Online will search for those words through the entire repository. If you wish the search to be the exact string place, quotation marks around the text i.e., “Williams Park” which will find where Williams Park appears together. If you enter Williams Park (without quotations) in the search field, Agenda Online will find all documents that contain Williams or Park which will take a long time to return a search list.

Note: All meeting Agendas from November 2023 to the present are full text indexed. Historical agendas are actively being indexed and this will be complete prior to the retirement of the old repository.

How do I access an agenda?

Once an agenda has been published it will appear as a link in the last column in the meeting list. Click on the link to open the agenda.

The agenda will open as a web page, you will notice several hyperlinks in the agenda. As you scroll through the agenda and would like to see more information about an item, click on the link and in the upper right corner of your screen, Item Details and Supporting Documents are displayed.

What are Supporting Documents?

These are attachments to the agenda item.

The COVER SHEET is a synopsis of the agenda item. In addition to the full title of the item it will include background information, fiscal impact statement if applicable and full approval history for the item before it was placed on the agenda.

Attachments may also be the full Resolution or Ordinance document that is being considered. It may be a related past resolution, contract, or other documents in support of the agenda item.

Each attachment is listed separately to make it easy to identify.

What is the difference between an Agenda and an Agenda Packet?

Older meetings may include a link to an Agenda Packet. An Agenda Packet contains not only a list of the agenda items in the agenda layout but also includes all the attachments in one PDF file. Be advised some agenda packets can be over a thousand pages long and may take quite some time to load. It may appear the system has stopped working, but it is attempting to load an exceptionally large file that may take some time.

Is there a mobile app for Agenda Online?

There is not a mobile specific app for Agenda Online. However, the Agenda Online Portal can be accessed from any mobile device that has a web browser. Agenda Online uses a responsive web design approach and will adjust its menu bar and displays to match the device (window size) you are using. Note: Agendas can be 20+ pages long and will require you to scroll through the pages. You can always use Ctrl+F to find and jump to words and phrases in an agenda you are looking at.

Updated: 02/02/2024