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Frederick A. Salomonson - 28th, 30th And 35th Mayor Of Tampa

Frederick Salomonson

Born: July 20, 1860, Almelo, Netherlands

Died: December 19, 1911, Tampa, Florida 

First Term: March 10, 1893 - March 9, 1894

Second Term: March 8, 1895 - June 5, 1896

Third Term: June 5, 1904 - June 7, 1906


Frederick A.  Salomonson was born in Almelo, Netherlands and, in 1882, arrived in Florida as a representative of a Dutch syndicate that had purchased vast tracts of land in Florida. After completing his business, Salomonson decided to remain in Florida and moved to Jacksonville where he worked two years for a railroad company. In late 1884, Salomonson relocated to Tampa where he attempted to establish himself in the real estate business. He realized that railroad access to Tampa and the expansion of its harbor facilities would greatly increase the value of town's real estate. However, it was not until 1887, when he met John Henry Fessenden, with whom he co-founded the Tampa Real Estate and Loan Association, that Salomonson met with success.

Salomonson also became involved in local politics. He was twice elected to the City Council where he served from March 6, 1889 until March 5, 1890, and from March 4, 1892 until March 10, 1893.  Immediately following his last term on the City Council, Salomonson was elected as Tampa's 28th Mayor, and served from March 10, 1893 until March 9,1894. During this time, Salomonson focused on capital improvement and other projects that facilitated the social and economic growth of Tampa. After his second term ended, he returned to his real estate business, which was dissolved three years later in 1899,  when Salomonson and Fessenden decided to establish their own real estate agencies.

In June 1904, Salomonson returned to campaign for mayor and was elected for a two-year term. During this term,  he continued his previous work to improve Tampa's infrastructure.  Shortly thereafter, Salomonson became ill with tuberculosis and spent time in Colorado in an effort to improve his health. Unfortunately, he was unable to overcome the illness and he died in Tampa on December 19, 1911.

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