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Domestic Partnership Registry

Domestic Partnership Registry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is now a County-wide Domestic Partnership Registry.  The City has been proud to provide this service from 2012-2015. The City no longer accepts new registrations. The Hillsborough County Clerk of Courts now handles all requests. For more information visit: http://www.hillsclerk.com/en/Additional-Services/HELP-and-DPR

For those of you who have already registered with the City, your registry is valid; however,  you still may wish to also register with the County.   

The benefits of registering county-wide include:

  • Your registry will be applicable within City and in Hillsborough County limits.
  • Your registry will be located in a designated area of the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s online public records with easier access for healthcare facilities and others.

More information regarding the County-wide Domestic Partnership Registry, along with frequently asked questions, is available by visiting the Clerk of the Circuit Court website  at http://www.hillsclerk.com/en/Additional-Services/HELP-and-DPR

If you have questions, you may contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court at (813)276-2029, x4367.

NOTE:  If you are currently registered with the City and have recently married or no longer wish to remain in the City Registry, you should file a notice of termination with the City, which must be completed at City Hall.