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Information Resources

Requests for copies of public records should be directed to the department responsible for maintaining the information. 

Archives and Records

Archives & Records Service is a division of the City Clerk.  Archives and Records is responsible for the archiving and disposal of all city department records in all formats. It also serves as a research center for the history and development of the City of Tampa municipal government.

HOURS: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday with the exception of City holidays

Please call for an appointment at least three days in advance to research archival materials.

The City of Tampa Archives is your research center for the history and development of the municipal government of the City of Tampa.

From the Village of Tampa, to the Town of Tampa, to the City of Tampa, our City has grown from a population of 185 in 1855 to become the largest city on the west coast of Florida. Tampa's government has also evolved into a complex system of departments that provide a variety of services that affect the lives of its citizens.

Recognizing the need to document and preserve the development and unique heritage of the City and it's government, the City Archives was established in 1987. Our primary commitment is to collect the historically significant records and photographs created by the various departments of the City. It also collects records from other sources, such as personal papers, related agency records, and other materials that support the government collection.

Such records provide both individuals and City administrators with a sense of history that can only be known through the records which have survived. Understanding what the City was and did in the past helps direct the course of the future. It binds us together with a sense of strength and pride in our community.