Historic Tampa Recreation Photos

The Office of the City Clerk would like for citizens to be able to enjoy photographs currently being housed in Archives and Records.  As such, each month a selection of interesting photographs will be featured on the City Clerk's web site.   (These photographs are from the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Collection that was donated to the City of Tampa Archives.)  This month's theme is Recreational Activities in the Tampa Area.

Greyhound Race Track
 Tampa's Greyhound Race Track in the 1920's (approximate date)

Horse Jumping

Horse Jumping during an American Invitational Tournament.  Rider: Tim Grubb. Horse: Linky. Approx. date: 1984.

Saluting cincinnati Redleds and Chicago White Sox

"Saluting Cincinnati Redlegs and Chicago White Sox at The Tampa 7th Inning Club" at Tampa International Airport.

Palma Ceia Golf Course
 Club House and Putting Green at the Palma Ceia Golf Course in Tampa.  Estimated date of photo is 1938.

Sulphur Springs Pool and Arcade

Swimming at Sulphur Springs Swimming Pool and Arcade.