Ground Breaking for Utilities Project

City of Tampa Utility Bill Major Components

City of Tampa Utilities is managed by the Water Department's Distribution and Consumer Services Division. Most of the City's utility customers receive a consolidated monthly bill for three utility services: water, wastewater (sewer) and solid waste (refuse and recycling).   Here are some things to know about the charges you see on your monthly bill.

Potable Water

  • Water is billed by the hundred cubic feet or ccf. One ccf is equal to 748 gallons of water. The numbers shown in the Water Usage History box are converted to gallons, rounded to the lowest 1,000 gallons, based on metered use. For the most accurate month-to-month comparison, multiple your monthly ccf usage by 748 gallons. For example, 8 ccf x 748 gallons =  5,984 gallons.  This would be shown in the Water Usage History box as 5,000 gallons.
  • Water meters are read monthly throughout the City of Tampa water service area.
  • Water is billed using tiered rates.  This means that as the volume of water metered to your location increases, the rate per ccf increases at set intervals.
  • Billing rates and tiers are established by ordinance and are specific to user classification.
  • View City of Tampa water rate information.

Wastewater (Sewer)

At locations with Tampa water and wastewater services, sewer charges are based on metered flow through the on-site water meter.

  • At locations where a separate irrigation meter or reclaimed water meter is connected, the full volume of water flowing through the potable water meter is used to determine sewer charges
  • At locations without a separate irrigation meter, reclaimed water meter, or private irrigation well, sewer charges are calculated using a "cap" on the CCFs used in the calculation. This "cap" is called, interchangeably, a Sewer Max or a Lawn Credit. The Sewer max is equal to the third lowest amount of monthly water demand over the prior 24-month period, and it is recalculated annually in January.

Solid Waste

  • Monthly trash charges are based on volume and/or the type of service provided for the location.
  • Flat monthly residential and business service rates are provided for routine trash removal services.
  • Additional charges are assessed for special pick-ups, large volume removal and other non-routine services.
  • Weekly curbside recycling is included in the flat monthly residential trash rate.

Other Charges

Other charges, such as reclaimed water, Tampa Bay Water Pass-Through Charge, service or administrative fees, deposits, special charges, and utility tax also may appear on your bill. Contact the Utilities Call Center online or at (813) 274-8811 with questions about charges on your utility bill that you do not understand.