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Automatic Electronic Bill Payment

Activate auto bank payment online in the Customer Service Portal. After logging in, select the "Payment" tab to get started.

Once you sign up and the service is active, you will receive your monthly utility bill with the following message: "DO NOT PAY -- AUTO BANK PAYMENT SCHEDULED ON OR AFTER XX/XX/XX." On the due date shown on your bill, the bill will be paid automatically by electronic bank transfer of funds. The City does not charge for this service but a few banks do. Check with your bank for details.

Your monthly bank statement will show the amount charged and the date of the transaction. The payment date on the bill is about 11 days after the bill is printed and mailed. If there are not sufficient funds in your account on the payment date, your bank will return the automatic payment just as if you had a check returned for insufficient funds. This may result in additional fees charged by your bank and by the City of Tampa. If you have questions about your bill or the automatic bill pay service, please call our Utility Services at (813) 274-8811 for assistance.