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Home Investment Partnership Program (Home)

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (CHDO) The City of Tampa is seeking proposals from Community Housing Development Organizations (“CHDO”) as defined by HUD, for the construction and/or rehab of housing to benefit Tampa’s low/moderate-income families.  This RFP will award approximately $1.3M in HOME funds to a maximum of two (2) qualified CHDO(s) to assist in meeting the goal of increasing the availability of affordable housing by constructing and selling units to residents at or below 80% AMI within the City limits.

A Mandatory Meeting will take place on 5/24/22 at 10am EST, City of Tampa Lemon Street Building, 4900 W. Lemon Street, Tampa, FL 33609.

Proposal submissions must be through DemandStar, named “COMMUNITY HOUSING DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATIONS (CHDO’s)” linked here:

One must register with DemandStar to view the RFP in its entirety and apply, request to receive any updates, addendums etc.  The RFP closed on 6/9/22 3pm EST. 

HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) Per 24 CFR 92, HOME funds may be used for single family and multi-family acquisition, Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA), rehabilitation, new construction, or Down Payment/Mortgage assistance programs. Of the total HOME funding allocation, 15% annually must be set aside for specially designated Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO) for housing development activities.  HUD also allows a maximum of 5% for CHDO operating expense. Program Administration is capped at 10% per year.

For more information about the HOME Investment Partnership Program, please visit

Agencies currently funded by the City of Tampa with HOME funds:


  • EPIC provides Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) to homeless individuals and families at or below 80% AMI.  TBRA funds may be used to provide rental assistance and rental security to obtain permanent housing.  The subsidy level is based on the household income and number of persons in the household.  TBRA funds will be used to provide rental assistance to at least 30 unduplicated households.

        HOME Funding: $1,800,000

        Phone: 813-237-3066