Columbus Dr. Complete Streets from Nebraska Ave. to 14th St.

Project Overview

The 0.4-mile segment of Columbus Drive from Nebraska Avenue to 14th Street is a 2-lane (one travel lane in each direction) arterial roadway with a posted speed of 30 mph and has an average daily traffic volume of 10,210 vehicles per day. This project is supported as documented and prioritized as number four in the MPO-City of Tampa Walk-Bike Plan Phase I – Final Report.
The original concept that was presented at the public meeting comprising the construction of 5-foot bike lanes on both sides of the road and removal of parking from the north side.  Based upon public comment, the City has amended the design to provide for the following:

  • Widening of sidewalks on both sides to approximately 8 feet along the corridor and approximately 15 feet at intersections
  • Maintaining parking on both sides of the road
  • Adding street trees to both sides of the roadway
  • Narrowing lane widths to 11 feet (minimum for this classification)
  • Providing share the road markings on the travel lanes.

The new design prioritizes pedestrian safety, enhances the transit stops along the corridor, and provides cyclists with options while maintaining vehicular capacity and on-street parking.  Please see the Public Comment Report at the bottom of this page for more information.

Additional Project Information