Design Exceptions

Alternative Design Exception Waiver

The Alternative Design Exception Application can be applied for at the Planning and Development Department, located at 1400 North Boulevard.  Alternative design exceptions may be granted for alternative materials, the reduction in the width of a driveway, exceeding the number of driveways allowed along a street frontage, reduction in the required corner clearance, and a reduction in an apron flare width.  The alternative design application will be reviewed by the Transportation Engineering Division.  The Transportation Manager or designee will make a final decision.  The applicant may either accept the findings, or appeal to the Public Works Administrator, pursuant to Sec. 1-19 of the City of Tampa Code.

Commercial Driveway Access to Local  Street Waiver

The Commercial Driveway Access to Local  Street Waiver can be applied for online or at the Planning and Development Department at 1400 North Boulevard.  Sec. 27-283.12(j), of the City of Tampa code, outlines the requirements of requesting a driveway on a local street for all non-residential uses. The driveway application, including all exhibits, can be submitted to the Transportation Division. If the application is approved by the Transportation Division, then the applicant is required to notice the surrounding property owners and the registered neighborhood association by mail (Exhibit B). The letters must be sent by Certificate of Mailing and must be post marked within ten (10) days of the approval by the Transportation Division. An Affidavit Attesting to Notification must also be submitted within ten (10) days of Transportation's approval. 

Failure to mail the letters or submit the affidavit in the required time frame will null and void the approval, and the driveway waiver will be denied.