Bridges and Seawalls


The City owns or operates 45 Vehicular Bridges and 3 Pedestrian Bridges. The City maintains five (5) movable bridges over the Hillsborough River:

  1. Brorein Street Bridge (#105501)
  2. Cass Street Bridge (#105502)
  3. Columbus Drive Bridge (#105504) (Owned by Hillsborough County) 
  4. Fortune Taylor Bridge (#105503)
  5. Platt Street Bridge (#105500) (Owned by Hillsborough County) 

For information regarding the operation of the City's movable bridges, please visit  our Movable Bridges Operations page.

Additionally, the City maintains a number of major fixed bridges, including:

  1. Eugene Holtsinger Bridge (North Boulevard Bridge) (#105600)
  2. Davis Islands Bridges (#105605, 105625, 105626) and Plant Avenue Bridge (#105606)
  3. Rowlette Park Drive Bridge (#100086)
  4. 40th Street Bridge (#104504)
  5. New Tampa Boulevard Bridge (#105603)

There are several Capital Improvement Projects ongoing or scheduled for the City's bridges.


The City's Department of Transportation and Stormwater Services owns and maintains the seawalls that surround the City's waterfront.