Ybor City

Tampa Together

Tampa Together Sculpture - artist Catherine Woods

Artist: Catherine Woods

Polychrome Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Location: Downtown Tampa Greenway under the Tampa - Hillsborough Expressway Authority underpass at Franklin Street

Commissioned by the City of Tampa and the 2012 Republican National Host Committee

Tampa Together is about recognizing and honoring the diversity of Tampa’s many neighborhoods and communities.  Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s inspiring 2017 State of the City address spoke to the aspirations and character of Tampa’s diverse citizenry and that together we can accomplish great things for our city. When we stand together, we stand United. As a community, we are Courageous and Kind, Loving and Proud, Creative and Accepting, Happy and Bold. We can do all things as a city when we are Tampa Together.  This includes our collective voice and right to vote. The voting buttons seen in the artwork commemorate the City of Tampa hosting the 2012 Republican National Convention and celebrates the democratic process. All individuals shown here are citizens of Tampa and were photographed by Greg Bryon or Ric Savid. Special thanks to the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority for partnering on placement of this artwork.