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Tampa Public Art - Purpose, Mission, Goals


PURPOSE: These guidelines map out the implementation of the City of Tampa's "Public Art Ordinance, Chapter 4, City of Tampa Code.

MISSION: To promote the involvement of artists in projects throughout the city that enhance the physical environment and celebrate Tampa 's unique character and identity.

GOALS: Goals for the TPA Program include:

  • Overseeing the City's Public Art collection
  • Enhancing the physical environment of Tampa with artworks of the highest level of quality and suitability for the site
  • Serving as the coordinating body for all Public Art and memorial projects on City property
  • Building partnerships with the private sector, non-profit and community groups that connect the TPA Program's projects to the life of the City
  • Encouraging participation by artists based in the City and the Tampa Bay region
  • Serving as an active source of information about Public Art.