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I Am Priceless

The use of art to encourage social change can be an effective tool by bringing awareness to issues, in order to make positive changes in the community.  A new outreach campaign, I Am Priceless, created by artist Tes One was initiated by the Junior League of Tampa (JLT) in partnership with the City of Tampa, and is designed to educate the Tampa Bay community about the prevalence and dangers of human trafficking. Since the initial mural project with Tes One, additional community partners have joined forces with the City of Tampa and JLT to raise awareness of this issue. These partners include: Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART), Redefining Refuge, and artist Jay Giroux


The City of Tampa was approached by the Junior League of Tampa (JLT) seeking guidance on commissioning a mural in downtown Tampa that addresses the issue of human trafficking. According to crime data, the Tampa Bay area is ranked third nationally in the amount of calls that the National Human Trafficking Task Force receives. The City of Tampa partnered JLT with artist, Tes One, who created a typographic mural that contains a very powerful, clear message - “I am not for sale. I am priceless.” The mural, dedicated April 2017, also includes the human trafficking hotline phone number 1-888-373-7888. 

I am Priceless by Tes One

Hillsborough Regional Transit Authority Partnership

The City of Tampa has partnered with the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) and Redefining Refuge to raise public awareness of human trafficking and its negative impacts across the Tampa Bay area in a new art campaign series, I am Priceless. In order to bring awareness to drivers, passengers and to those who need help, HART donated ad space toward ten buses featuring the exterior banners, and fifty interior card slots across Hillsborough County. Redefining Refuge will also provide free training to HART bus drivers on human trafficking warning signs and what to do if they suspect suspicious activity is occurring on their route.

Tes One - HART


Tes One Hart


Poster Artwork by Jay Giroux

As a continuation of the I Am Priceless campaign, artist Jay Giroux has designed a series of posters that are installed at several HART bus stops throughout the City of Tampa. The poster design incorporates abstracted portraits of four survivors along with the messaging, I Am Priceless.   Installation production was made possible by the Junior League of Tampa. 

Installation by Giroux

Photo courtesy Jay Giroux

Design by Giroux-HART Stop

Photo courtesy Jay Giroux

night shot-Hart poster by Giroux

Photo courtesy Jay Giroux

4 posters-Giroux

Designs courtesy Jay Giroux