Call To Artists

A Call to Artists from the City of Tampa, Florida
Multiple Site Opportunities for Soul Walk
Project Budgets Range from $5,000 - $600,000
Deadline: December 17th, 2021

Soul Walk is a new initiative created by the City of Tampa and includes multiple community partners, among them are Related Urban and the Tampa Housing Authority.

Artwork that is commissioned or purchased for Soul Walk will form part of a visual narrative that celebrates the spirit and soul of Tampa’s African American Community.  

When complete, it is anticipated that Soul Walk will consist of approximately sixty artworks, both new and existing, and form a foundational component of an African American Heritage Trail in Hillsborough County.

Full call to artists with images available for download. 

Apply via Call For Entries, CaFE. 

2021 – 2022

Application materials must be received electronically by
December 17, 2021

This call is open to artists of any discipline: 2D, 3D, music, textile, dance, literary, etc.
Project Budgets will vary pending scope, scale and location.
Budget range: $1,000 to $5,000

This is an Open Call for Artists Who:

  • Recognize the value of community building and working at a grassroots level
  • Have an interest in placemaking and creating artwork for a variety of locations including neighborhoods, parks and transportation related locations  
  • Are interested in temporary or permanent installations
  • Can bring their talents and collaborative skills to a team


The City of Tampa’s Division of Arts & Cultural Affairs invites artists and artist-led teams residing in Florida to submit their qualifications for potential inclusion in the 2021-2022 Pre-Qualified Artist Pool. 

This prequalified pool is part of Mayor Castor’s Art on the Block Program and will be used to commission artists for a broad range of public art projects, both temporary and permanent. The intent is to bring more artists and artwork directly into neighborhoods, to engage the community and recognize Tampa’s rich and diverse cultural talent.

Artwork produced through Art on the Block is wide ranging and includes multiple art forms such as poetry, murals, mosaics, sculpture, and other placemaking improvements. Artwork may be environmental in nature, carry a message of social justice, speak to the history of the neighborhood, or simply be fun to engage and experience.  Art builds communities and for all Art on the Block projects, community engagement is essential.

 Eligibility /Qualifications:    

This opportunity is open to all artists residing in Florida, from emerging to well-established. Artist teams of any size may apply.

Prior Public Art experience is not a requirement. This pre-qualified pool will be one of the primary methods for inviting artists to be considered for future Art on the Block opportunities but does not guarantee a commission.

Selection Process:

Information and materials submitted in response to this RFQ will be evaluated by a team of arts professionals to determine eligibility to apply for specific opportunities.

The artist selection process for these commission opportunities includes two phases:

  • Phase I: A prequalified pool of artists will be developed through this RFQ
  • Phase II: Artists in this prequalified pool will be considered for specific opportunities

Approaches & Themes:

Projects may address or be themed on a wide variety of topics; however, all must have some level of community engagement.  Artists that utilize participatory arts approaches through community workshops (dance, music, theatre, spoken word, etc.) are encouraged to apply.

The City of Tampa recognizes that projects with this approach can take time to develop within a neighborhood or community.

Please note, this is a commission, not a grant. Artist(s) selected will work with the Division of Arts and Cultural Affairs, community, and possibly other city departments or nonprofit agencies.

The Application Process:

A complete application consists of the following four items. Each item is required. Please be sure to clearly state name, address, email, phone, and website on all documents. All documents must be submitted as PDFs and images as JPGs (preferably).

The Committee will accept team applications. If you’re applying as a team, please include résumés for all team members, and indicate in your written statement the role of each team member. Additionally, please include images of projects that your team has previously collaborated. If you have not collaborated, include images of projects from each team member that best illustrates the type of project or approach for this project.

  1. Written Statement (PDF) Maximum length one (1) page.  Describe your medium, approach to your work and highlight any specific experience or collaborations that you feel may align with this call
  2. Professional Résumé (PDF)  Maximum length two (2) pages.
  3. Digital Images (preferred file format is JPG.  PDF is acceptable): Please include up to 10 images (no fewer than 6) of completed art works or projects.  All other disciplines (Music, performing, etc) can also send still images but it is encouraged to feature past projects by providing links to performances (YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc). You may list these on the ID Sheet (see below, #4) :
  4. ID Sheet: For each image/project (PDF): If visual artist, for each image submitted, please state 1-2 sentence description of project, budget of project, medium, dimensions and, if available, video link to corresponding project.  All other disciplines (music, performing, etc): Please use this ID sheet to feature past projects by providing links to past projects (YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc). Please state 1-2 sentences of explanatory text, budget, project title, commissioning agency.  Videos should be approximately 2 minutes in length.

How to Submit:

Please email your submittal by emailing a link from a file sharing service (WeTransfer, Google, Dropbox, etc.) to  Mailed submissions will not be accepted.  Materials must be submitted electronically by December 17, 2021.

Questions? Contact the Division of Arts & Cultural Affairs via email: