Mural Process

Here are some resources to help you navigate the process of painting a mural.

Permits - Are Any Required? 

  • Is the mural part of an advertisement? Does it incorporate a logo that does not pertain to the building it will be painted on? If you answer yes to this question, your mural may be considered off-site signage and may either be against code, or require a permit. Please reference Chapter 27-289.5 + 27-289.6   of the city code and contact Zoning and Land Development (813) 274-3100 Option 2, with any questions. 
  • Will you be blocking the sidewalk or street with equipment (lifts, etc) in order to paint the mural? If so, a right-of-way permit is required. The Mural Application is through the planning division. Be prepared to cite the address (in the description of work), upload a final concept of the mural, and the FDOT index for the maintenance of traffic (sidewalk closure or road closure). If you do not own the site, please include written permission from the owner.  If you have any questions, please call (813) 274-3100 Option 5.

Mural Review by Districts

  • Is your mural planned for downtown or the channel district? If so, please call Urban Design at (813) 274-3100 Option 4.
  • Is your mural planned to be painted in a historic district? It is important to find out. Certain neighborhoods are tied to Local and National Historic Districts (i.e., Ybor City), and need specific review in order to provide a notice to proceed or decline the proposal. Please contact Historic Preservation to see. If you don’t know if you’re in a historic district, they will help you find out. For any questions, please call (813) 274-3100 Option 3.

Street Murals / Painted Intersections

  • Are you interested in having an intersection painted in your neighborhood? If so, please contact the Transportation and Stormwater Services Division at (813) 274-3101.  Please review the Paint the Intersection policy prior to contacting the Division.   

Artists - Funding - Sites

  • Artist recommendationThe City of Tampa, Art Programs Division cannot recommend one artist over the other, but can help with best practices on how ethically to commission an artist.   You may contact the division at artprograms@tampagov.netIf you're an artist and would like to be added to the artist database to receive calls to artists, please provide your information through the message center
  • Funding: The City of Tampa, Art Programs division is not a granting agency, and typically only commissions murals on public property through the City process. 
  • Site Selection:  The City of Tampa does not have the resources to actively help you find a site for your mural.


  • Your mural will last longer if the wall surface is pressure washed and primed with an exterior grade primer, and if the selected artist uses good quality paint with UV protection. Consider working with the artist regarding the best primer products that complement the paint that s/he is using.
  • Who are your neighbors? Are they OK with this? Good idea to keep everyone around you in the loop!
  • Having some type of written agreement between you and the artist is a good idea. Many artists have sample contracts.