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Tampa Public Art - Public Participation

Public Participation

Public participation is a crucial element of any Public Art program. Public participation can be achieved in a variety of ways - from lectures and workshops that encourage public awareness of the Public Art program -- to the involvement of interested residents in the actual planning, design, installation and maintenance of Public Art projects. TPA staff and the Public Art Committee will include public participation as a component of the Annual Public Art Action Plan.

Education and Outreach

In order to stimulate and encourage public awareness of Public Art, the Public Art Program will, to the extent possible, initiate, or collaborate with other agencies on events and activities designed to provide a greater understanding of Public Art. These may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Conferences, symposia, workshops, artist's lectures, community meetings and Public Art tours
  • Cooperative programs with arts groups, educational institutions and community organizations
  • Regular distribution of promotional and publicity materials, including press releases and public service announcements
  • Information about the collection, the TPA program and opportunities for artists and community participation available on a web site
  • Exhibitions of proposals, and related works by selected artists
  • Design awards

Community Representation

Community representatives will be appointed, as warranted, to serve on artist selection panels or Project Advisory Committees to ensure community input into the planning for each Public Art project.

Creative Interaction Between Artists and Community

When possible, the Program will identify projects with the potential for involvement of community representatives in the planning, design and installation of Public Art projects. On occasion, staff may also facilitate creative collaborations between project artists and organizations that represent community stakeholders and who have expressed their interest in a Public Art collaboration. These organizations might include, but not be limited to, community organizations, educational institutions, arts organizations and non-profit agencies. 


TPA recognizes the cultural, ethnic, and social diversity of Tampa's population, as well as that of the greater Tampa Bay Area, and shall incorporate diversity in all aspects of its Program. The means by which the Program may realize the goal of aesthetic and cultural diversity shall include, but not be limited to ensuring that the Public Art Committee, Artist Selection panels, and artists selected for commissions represent Tampa's multi-ethnic, multi-cultural population; commissioning artworks throughout Tampa 's neighborhoods; encouraging the acquisition of artworks which include a wide variety of styles, scale and media; encouraging the exploration of new experimental art forms as well as established and traditional art forms.