Public Art Guidelines

The following excerpts are taken from the TAMPA Public Art PROGRAM GUIDELINES, prepared by McGregor Consulting with Donna Graves in June, 2000.  To speed viewing, topics are linked separately. 

Highlights from Excerpts:


Purpose, Mission, Goals

Funding Sources

Project Identification [Public Art Action Plan, Priorities, Ways for Community Groups andArtists to Initiate Projects]

Art Selection [AcquisitionMethods, Methods of Artist Selection, Panel Composition, Modified Panel Composition,Artist Recruitment and Outreach, Budget, Panel Meetings, Follow Up, Artist Eligibility]

Post Selection and Project Management [Pre-Contract, Contracting with Artists, ArtistsFees, Agents, Contracting Provisions, Design Development, Fabrication, Design TeamProjects, Post Installation and Final Acceptance Procedures, Public Information, Signage,Education]

Public Participation [Education and Outreach, Community Participation, Creative InteractionBetween Artists and Community, Diversity]

Portable Works Collection [Purpose, Selection Criteria, Selection Process, InstallationConsiderations, Care and Maintenance, Deaccessioning Guidelines, Loans]

Collection Management [Goals, Artist Responsibilities, City Responsibilities, Procedures for Maintenance andConservation, Alteration, Removal, Relocation or Deaccession, Objectives, Procedures]

Downtown Development/CBD [Purpose, Calculation, Location, Eligible Projects, Ineligible Projects, Eligible Costs, Recommended Process, Staff Meeting/ Pre-Application Conference,  

Policies as to Gifts, Loans and Memorials


Appendices:  Appendix A [Art Selection Plan]

                       Appendix B [Artist Fee and Fee Scales]

                       Appendix C [Catalog and Maintenance Record]