Lamb Canal Rehabilitation & Flood Relief

Project Location

Lamb Canal Rehabilitation & Flood Relief map

Project Description

To provide relief for frequent and extreme flooding and to address bank erosion of the canal and ditches draining the watershed, the Lamb Canal Rehabilitation and Flood Relief project is being pursued and will include improvements to Lamb Canal between Westshore Blvd. and Manhattan Ave. and Emerson Ditch between Lamb Ave. and Bay-to-Bay Blvd

The project is currently at a 30% design status.  Solution options include an open conveyance consisting of a 14-foot wide stone-façade vertical-wall canal or a closed system consisting of a double box-culvert conveyance for much of the length of the canal.  Upon completion, the project will relieve flooding along local and collector roadways thereby improving traffic safety, and water quality draining to Lake Dundee and Tampa Bay, as well as provide for a low-maintenance and resilient drainage system.


Contact Information:

Name: Nicole Miller Hawker
Phone: 813-784-6907

Additional Information:

Name: Yvette Pullara
Phone: 813-274-8092

Updated: 01/26/2024