Fertilizer Management

The City of Tampa Fertilizer Ordinance regulates the use and sale of lawn and landscape fertilizers containing nitrogen and/or phosphorous.  The Ordinance was enacted to reduce the potential for these nutrients to be carried into our waters with stormwater runoff. 

Fertilizer isn't a pollutant when it is applied to the landscape.  However, if too much fertilizer is used or it is applied at the wrong time it can wash off of the landscape and flow untreated into bays and streams.  Once in the water, fertilizer can stimulate the growth of harmful algae and aquatic plant growth.

The City Ordinance establishes a restricted period  from June 1 - September 30, when the application of lawn and landscape fertilizer containing nitrogen and/or phosphorous is not allowed.

The City of Tampa Ordinance is supplemental to existing regulations established by the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County.  For more information, review the EPC of Hillsborough County Fertilizer and Landscape Management Rule. 

Of special note, the EPC Rule addresses: specific training and certification requirements for commercial applicators of fertilizer; prohibits grass clippings, fertilizer, and yard waste from being placed in the street; establishes a 10-foot fertilizer free zone near water; and requires the use of a deflector shield on fertilizer spreaders.