Stormwater Mitigation Program

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The City recognizes the benefits provided by privately maintained stormwater mitigation facilities and wishes to encourage property owners to reduce or eliminate the property’s burden on the City system. Properties supporting private stormwater mitigation facilities should be credited for the public benefits they provide. The City’s Stormwater Mitigation Credit Policy adopted on February 1, 2018, by Resolution 2018-94 provides the eligibility requirements, conditions, and credit. Accordingly, the charges based on the number of ESU otherwise attributable to such property may be adjusted by a Mitigation Credit determined in accordance with the Stormwater Mitigation Credit Policy. No Mitigation Credit shall exceed the amount of the Tax Parcel's Stormwater Charge. The Mitigation Guidelines highlight the credits available, and describe the conditions and eligibility requirements.

Interested in Applying for Mitigation?

Complete the Mitigation Application and support documentation. 
Email them to: or send via mail to:    

City of Tampa Stormwater Engineering, Mitigation Application
306 E Jackson Street, 6th Floor North
Tampa, FL 33602

Or apply online now:


Is it time to Recertify your non-residential property’s Mitigation?

As it pertains to Mitigation, non-residential properties are those that are not single-family homes.  All non-residential mitigated properties are required to recertify their Mitigation every 5 (five) years. Not sure when your property is due to recertify? Contact our Stormwater Assessment team at (813) 274-8386 or email us at


Questions?  You may directly reach our Stormwater Assessment team at (813) 274-8386 or email us at