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Flood Protection

If you know of a problem that should be addressed, please call us at (813) 274-3101. 

You can also report flooding issues via the City's following Customer Service Center link:

Our City receives frequent intense rainstorms that can cause localized flooding to occur.  Due to the lack of topographic relief, it can be difficult for water to quickly drain from the land.  Flood water may not be deep, but it can damage property and even pose a threat to personal safety.  During a tropical storm or hurricane event, the situation will likely be much more widespread and intense compared to localized flooding that occurs during seasonal rainstorms.

You Can Help Prevent Flooding

To learn more, check out the Stormwater Services Flood Protection brochure. (PDF)

Check out these flood safety tips to protect yourself and your property!

Are you in a flood hazard area?

For the latest information on whether a property is in or out of the floodplain please visit either the FEMA Map Service site or Hillsborough County's Online Searchable Map.  Either of these sites will allow you to query the database using your property address.   Flood maps and information on flood protection can also be found at any public library. Additional information on flood zones, flood insurance, and many other flood protection topics can be found on the FEMA website. 

If you wish to build in a FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), you will need to provide an Elevation Certificate with your construction permit application. Elevation Certificates must be completed by a Professional Engineer (PE) or Professional Land Surveyor (PLS). Download a fillable version here:  Elevation Certificate FEMA Form 086-0-33.



Our floodplains provide natural buffers for reducing flood damage and are important habitats for many diverse species of wildlife. The Upper Hillsborough River and its tributaries are now Outstanding Florida Waters and are protected to ensure their continued usefulness for both the citizens of Tampa and the environment of Florida.

If You Have a Flooding Emergency

If you have a flooding emergency or a drainage problem, please contact the Department's Stormwater Maintenance and Operations Division at (813) 274-3101.  Maintenance personnel will investigate the complaint and respond accordingly. If the drainage system requires cleaning or repair, it will be prioritized along with other maintenance projects. Flooding problems that are not maintenance related will be referred to the planning division for investigation and recommendation. Maintenance Division personnel can also suggest ways to stop flooding and prevent damage to your property. 

The City's efforts to be successful in flood control depend on your cooperation. 

There are several ways you can help prevent Stormwater Pollution and keep our waterways clean. Do not place any debris - lawn trash or otherwise - in stormwater inlets, ditches, or other waterways. This includes grass clippings; which should be blown back onto the yard or vacuumed, not blown into storm inlets. Dumping into the drainage system can easily create blockages and when it rains the water has nowhere to go, resulting in flooding. It is a violation of City of Tampa Code Chapter 21-9 to dump into any public drainage system. The house you flood may be your own.

Always check with the Construction Services Center (CSC) before you make changes such as grading, filling, or construction on your property. The changes you have planned may require permitting to ensure that your project does not cause problems for your neighbors.

The Planning Division maintains a "Redline List" of flood-prone properties. Development in these areas might be restricted. Call the Construction Service Center for more information (813) 274-3100.

If you see someone dumping anything into stormwater inlets, ditches or other waterways,report it to the Stormwater Operations office (813) 274-3101.

If you see an active construction site and there is no City permit posted, report it to Inspectional Services (813) 259-1761.