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Stormwater Technical Services

When a City resident experiences a drainage problem the engineering technicians from Stormwater Operations Technical Support respond.  In addition to helping residents resolve problems with the City's stormwater system, the technicians also provide guidance to homeowners to help them alleviate poor drainage situations they may be having on their own property.  Stormwater Operations technicians are the Department's eyes and ears in the field, providing field investigations of all above and below ground storm sewer facilities, performing minor surveys and project layout, minor storm sewer redesign and utility coordination.  They also operate our video inspection equipment to assess the condition of our underground pipes.

Technicians also inspect the work of City contractors which remove trash and cut grass for ninety-four miles of ditches, seventy-nine ponds, and thirty-one vacant lots totaling over one-hundred fifty acres.   These contracts total approximately $750,000 a year.

In addition to technical support, Stormwater Operations provides support in the way of processing customer requests.  Support staff are the front-line in serving the community.  They take all calls to (813) 274-3101, our published customer service call center line.