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Storm Drain Marking Program

Many people believe storm drains connect to sewer treatment systems -- but they don't.  In fact, most of the runoff in the City discharges directly into surface waters without receiving any treatment to filter out pollutants.  Therefore, whatever enters the drain is ultimately discharged into a neighboring body of water.  One way to help protect water quality is by marking the storm drains with plaques stenciled with environmental messages.  Citizens who see the markers will be reminded that what goes into the storm drain will come out.

If you would like to organize a volunteer event in your neighborhood to mark storm drains, call 813-274-8371. The City of Tampa Stormwater Department will provide your group with storm drain markers, maps, instructions, and other assistance that may be needed. 

While storm drain marking is a great volunteer event, there needs to be an organizer who is ultimately responsible for safety, watching traffic, and serving as the liaison with the Stormwater Department.  Please make sure that you have a responsible adult who can coordinate these activities.