Hyde Park Groundwater Project

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Hyde Park Groundwater Diversion Project Map

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The City of Tampa’s Hyde Park Groundwater Diversion Project is a neighborhood enhancement project located in the Hyde Park Historic District, as marked in orange on the map below. Construction kicks off October 9, 2023. The project will provide continued relief to chronic ponding issues on sidewalks and streets associated with groundwater seepage by installing underdrains below the sidewalks to intercept groundwater and divert it to the existing storm sewer system along Bayshore Boulevard. The project will improve sidewalks and road surface conditions for safer walking, biking, and driving. These improvements may cause temporary inconveniences during construction, such as sidewalk closures, parking restricted to one side of the street or use of the right of way for construction materials. The City and their construction partners are committed to minimizing these impacts and providing citizens with sustainable solutions that will enhance the quality of life for all residents. The construction will occur one street at a time, block by block and on one side at a time, with restoration done as the work proceeds.

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