14th Street (Avenida República de Cuba): Columbus Drive to Lake Avenue

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Project Overview

Project ID: TBD     |     Department ID:  TRANS20118     |     Contract No.: NA

TAMPA’S QUICK BUILD Program uses materials like paint, signs, and pavement markings to implement projects in a shorter time and at a lower cost compared to traditional methods. The design for these projects draws on new, nationally recognized standards for safe street design. As part of the City’s Vision Zero efforts, these quick build projects focus on providing safety enhancements for all users.

This project fills a critical gap in the network.  The existing bike lane currently ends at 26th Street, leaving bicyclists to continue traveling south in an undefined space.  This project proposes reallocating under capacity vehicle travel lanes to create a parking separated bike lane. This project adds dedicated space for people to safely continue bicycling from the existing bike lane, provides parking on both sides of the street, and improves access to  Cuscaden Park.

Benefits to the Community:

  • Fills a critical bike gap
  • Narrows lanes to slow speeds
  • Creates additional parking spaces for residents and Cuscaden Park user
  • Provide bulb outs for safer pedestrian crossings by shortening crossing distance

How to get involved:

Your comments are valuable to us and we want you to get involved!  Please use the tools below to provide your input.

  1. Send Email Comments to the Project Manager.


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