Cleveland Street: RR Crossing West of Willow Ave to Parker Street

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Project ID: TBD     |     Department ID:  TRANS20157     |     Contract No.: NA

TAMPA’S QUICK BUILD Program uses materials like paint, signs, and pavement markings to implement projects in a shorter time and at a lower cost compared to traditional methods. The design for these projects draws on new, nationally recognized standards for safe street design. As part of the City’s Vision Zero efforts, these quick build projects focus on providing safety enhancements for all users.

The Vision Zero Action Plan identified Cleveland Street as part of the City's High Injury Network. The High Injury Network is the network of roads where the majority of the deadly and life-altering injury crashes occur. This project proposes reallocating a vehicle travel lane to create a parking separated bike lane. This project will add on-street parking and also provide a comfortable and dedicated space for people to safely bicycle.

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    Cleveland Street: RR Crossing West of Willow Ave to Parker Street

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