Truck Route Map and Ordinance

Established truck routes are outlined in Chapter 25, Transportation, Section 182 and 183, and enforced per Section 23.5-5

City Council approved changes in the code pertaining to the truck route, specifically Sec. 25-182 and Sec. 25-183  on March 3, 2011, under Ordinance #2011-25.  Additional streets were added to the truck route, as well as enforcement and assessment of fines for violating the truck route which can be found in Sec. 25-183, Section 7.

The truck route map, as well as the ordinance changes, were based on the Citywide Truck Route Study and Appendices.

The City Council approved a revised Truck Route Ordinance 2016-187 on December 1, 2016.  The revisions restrict access of regulated trucks on the following roadways:

  • East 4th Avenue from Channelside Drive to N 22nd Street
  • East 7th Avenue from N 22nd Street to N 34th Street
  • N 21st Street from Adamo Drive (SR 60) to E 23rd Avenue; and
  • N 22nd Street from Adamo Drive (SR 60) to E Hillsborough Avenue

The truck restrictions on N 21st and N 22nd Streets are being implemented pursuant to the 2011 Roadway Transfer Agreement between the City of Tampa and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in December 2016 upon formal transfer of the roadway by FDOT.

The additional truck restrictions on E 4th and E 7th Avenues are necessary to maintain appropriate connectivity between the remaining truck routes.

Following is the revised truck route map:

The following flyer provides additional information regarding these changes: