Columbus Dr (Nebraska Ave to 14th St)

Project Location

Map of project Location

Project falls within City Council District 5

Project Description

City Project No: 1001221; FPN: 436639-1

This project provides for roadway improvements to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian facilities, including enhanced crosswalks, sidewalks, and other safety measures. The project also includes green infrastructure including landscaping and tree wells to provide sustainable stormwater drainage.

The 0.4-mile segment of Columbus Drive from Nebraska Avenue to 14th Street is a 2-lane (one travel lane in each direction) arterial roadway with a posted speed of 30 mph and has an average daily traffic volume of 10,210 vehicles per day.   Reconfiguration of the roadway to 11-ft vehicle travel lanes with shared lane pavement markings for cyclists allows for improvements including:

  • Widening of sidewalks on both sides to ~8 feet along the corridor and ~15 feet at intersections
  • reconstruction of the relocated curbs and gutters.
  • Maintaining parking on both sides of the road
  • Adding street trees to both sides of the roadway
  • Intersection and mid-block curb extensions with decorative crosswalks
  • Pedestrian actuated rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB)
  • Providing share the road markings on the travel lanes.

The Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)/City of Tampa Walk-Bike Plan Phase I - Final Report identified the E Columbus Dr project as the fourth-highest priority walk-bike project for the City. The InVision Center City Plan also identified this segment of E Columbus Dr as a key corridor to provide safe, walkable, and bikeable neighborhood connectivity.  The design of this project prioritizes pedestrian safety, enhances the transit stops along the corridor, and provides cyclists with options while maintaining vehicular capacity and on-street parking.  

Contact Information

Project Manager: Nina Mabilleau, E. I.

If you have questions about this meeting or project, please use the email link below:

Costs and Schedule

Table 1 - Summary of Project Costs and Schedule
Phase Firm Cost Funding Source Schedule Start Schedule Finish
Design Ayres Associates $367,700 FDOT & City Jan-19 Mar-20
Contract #19-C-18 David Nelson Const. $4,152,367 FDOT & City Feb-21 Jul-22
Construction Eng. Inspection City $20,886 FDOT TA Funds Feb-21 Jul-22

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