Tampa Palms Blvd (Bruce B Downs Blvd to Bruce B Downs Blvd)

Project Location

Project Description

This project provides for operational, safety, and multimodal improvements.

The City of Tampa Mobility Department is working to design the Tampa Palms Boulevard Complete Streets Project. Corridor-wide maintenance, operational, multi-modal, safety, and traffic calming are included in the scope of the planned improvements.  Roadway improvements for the 4-mile loop incorporate upgrades to pedestrian facilities, traffic calming elements, reduced posted speeds, as well as pavement resurfacing.  Details are as follows:

  • Four travel lanes will be maintained with an added 2-foot striped buffer on the outside of each lane (curb and median sides)
  • Travel lanes will be reduced to 10-foot widths which will address speeding issues and improve community safety
  • Shared lane markings will be added to the outside lane reminding drivers that bicyclists also use these lanes
  • Existing crosswalks will be upgraded to special emphasis markings, enhancing pedestrian safety
  • Posted speeds will be 35 mph throughout the corridor

Public Meeting

The City of Tampa Mobility Department held a Virtual Public Meeting on July 12, 2022, @ 6:00 p.m., for Roadway Safety Improvements along Tampa Palms Blvd. from Bruce B Downs Blvd. to Bruce B Downs Blvd., south loop. The virtual public meeting presentation can be accessed below.

Contact Information

Project Manager: Bernadette Corey

If you have questions about this meeting or project, please use the email link below:

Costs and Schedule

Table 1 - Summary of Project Costs and Schedule
Phase Firm Cost Funding Source Schedule Start Schedule Finish
Preliminary Design & Survey FDOT / Ayers & Associates $565,311 University North Multi-Modal Fees/ ARPA Funds 2020 2021
Final Design COT Transportation Engineering Division 0 NA FY21 FY22
Construction TBD $2.5 M University North Multi-Modal Fees/ ARPA Funds FY22 FY23

Additional Information