Bayshore Boulevard Enhancements Phase 3

Bayshore Blvd is a signature multi-use boulevard for the City of Tampa that connects South Tampa with the downtown district. In 2001, as a result of requests from the community and bicycle advocates, the City applied for Enhancement funds for bicycle lane improvements on Bayshore Blvd. In 2004 the City, in collaboration with the Bayshore Task Force, developed recommended enhancements to improve the safety and traffic flow of Bayshore Blvd for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians, which were consistent with the Greenways & Trails Master Plan.

The Bayshore Blvd Enhancements project provides for a southbound bicycle lane from north of Gandy Blvd to Platt St., that complements the existing northbound bicycle lane. Enhancements include widening the pavement and restriping the existing lanes, resetting granite curb, signalization upgrades and pedestrian facilities improvements. Project design and construction were divided into three phases due to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Local Agency Program (LAP) funding schedule:

  • Phase I was the northern 1.5-mile segment from Rome Ave to Platt St, including reconstruction of the signals at Bay to Bay Blvd and Platt St.
  • Phase 2 is the middle half-mile segment from Howard Ave to Rome Ave; and,
  • Phase 3 will be the southern 2.4-mile segment from north of Gandy Blvd to Howard Ave.

Phase I construction was completed in February 2012. Phase 2 construction was completed in May 2015. Phase 3 is scheduled for construction in the summer of 2017.

Phase 3 improvements include:

  • Extending the southbound bicycle lane from Gandy Blvd to Howard Ave;
  • Constructing new sidewalks and pedestrian ramps to current ADA standards;
  • Improving drainage at Wallcraft Ave;
  • Reducing the posted speed limit to 35 MPH; 
  • Resetting of existing granite curbs.

The Project Fact Sheet and Concept Plans can be found below: