Erosion Control Methods

There are many innovative techniques to control erosion and sediment. The City of Tampa's program emphasizes that the system utilized must control erosion and prevent off-site sedimentation.  However, it is up to the site operator to design and apply the appropriate best management practice that can be used for each situation.  Commonly accepted methods for erosion control include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Temporary Gravel Construction Entrance/Exit
  2. Sediment Fence (Silt Fence)
  3. Block and Gravel Inlet Protection
  4. Fabric Drop Inlet Protection
  5. Street Inlet Protection
  6. Dewatering:  only discharge clean water
  7. Floating Turbidity Barrier

These methods may be modified to best serve a specific site. If you would like details regarding these control measures or other methods of sediment and erosion control, contact the Construction Services Center at 813-274-3100.