Hurricane Damages

Damages to City property

Assessing the damage to City infrastructure following severe tropical weather is a critical aspect of the City's Emergency response planning.  City planners focus a lot of effort on preparing staff for an emergency response event including hurricanes and widespread flooding.  Following a major storm, City crews will assess critical roadways in an attempt to coordinate cleanup activities.

Wastewater Backups

If you are experiencing sewer back-up resulting from a hurricane or flooding event,  call the Wastewater Emergency Phone Number at (813) 259-1693.

Please provide your Name, Street Address, Cross Street, and Phone number and let us know specifically if:

  • You are reporting that house drains or toilets are not functioning.
  • You are reporting that drains are backing up and spilling on to floors.
  • You are reporting that sewage is leaking from a manhole.