Bayshore Boulevard Sidewalk

Stormwater Illegal Dumping

An illicit discharge is defined as the intentional disposal of any material by placement of and/or directing any material into the stormwater system.  Please report suspected illicit discharges of chemicals, paint, oil and grease, yard waste, fertilizer and other questionable materials to local authorities so that it can be investigated.  Local ordinances deem it illegal to dispose of any pollutants to the storm sewer.

Report Illicit Discharges - (813) 274-3101

Hillsborough County EPC - (813) 627-2600


Lawn clippings

Yard Waste

Trash, litter and debris

Pet Waste

Soil and sediment

Pool discharges

Dumping toxic chemicals

Water softener discharges

Vehicle fluids

Proper Disposal Method

Collect and recycle

City Yard Waste Collection

Throw refuse in trash cans

Pick up after your pets

Sweep up and collect

Dechlorinate before discharging to storm sewer

Take to Household Chemical Collection event

Route piping to sanitary sewer system

Take to an auto parts store or Household Chemical Collection Event