Cass St & Tyler St Two-Way Conversion

Cass Tyler Map

The downtown segments of Cass Street and Tyler Street form a one-way pair of Collector roads with posted speeds of 30-mph. The CITY proposes to modify Cass Street (existing 3 lanes in the eastbound direction) and Tyler Street (existing 3 lanes in the westbound direction) into two-way streets from Ashley Dr. to Nebraska Ave and to construct a segment of the Green Spine Two-Way Cycle Track on Cass St. from Ashley Dr. to Nebraska Ave. (This project will require close coordination with the Two-Way reconfiguration of the downtown segments of Cass St. and Tyler St. west of Ashley Dr. that is to be completed by the developer of the proposed Residences at the Riverwalk).

The City’s project will require replacing and adding new pole and mast arms at up to 14 signalized intersections to be in compliance with current design standards. Improvements on Cass St. include milling and resurfacing, adding a traffic-separated two-way cycle-track on the south side of the roadway, pavement markings, signing, and replacing the traffic signals. Cass St. between Jefferson St. and Nebraska Ave will be milled, resurfaced, and restriped to convert from a four-lane undivided roadway to a three-lane section with a traffic-separated two-way cycle-track. The signalization interconnect will be extended along E. Cass Street to Nebraska Ave. Improvements along Tyler St. consist of resetting the existing brick pavement, replacing all the traffic signals, pavement markings, and signing. The project will also reconfigure the Cass St./Tyler St./Orange Ave./ Jefferson St. junction near the eastern end of the project.

Transportation Division’s two-way conversion, the Water Department’s CIAC Segment 2 Water Main, and the Stormwater Division’s Cypress St. Outfall Improvements projects will all be completed jointly under CH2M Hill’s UCAP Design-Build Contract 06-C-73, in order to streamline project delivery and coordination.

The Cycle Track officially opened on June 11, 2016.