Bougainvillea Avenue Bike Lane and Sidewalk

The 1.0-mile segment of Bougainvillea Ave from 30th St. to 46th St. is a Collector roadway with a posted speed limit of 40 MPH. As part of the only contiguous east‐west corridor between Fowler Ave and Busch Blvd from I‐275 to the Hillsborough River, this segment was identified as a high priority for bicycle and pedestrian facilities improvements in the City’s Walk-Bike Plan Phase 1. This project consists of the following improvements:

  1. Construction of a 6’-10’ wide concrete sidewalk along the south side of Bougainvillea from N. 30th St. to N. 46th St;
  2. Shared lane markings from N. 30th St. to N. 46th St.;
  3. Sidewalk construction along the north side of Bougainvillea Ave from N. 30th St. to University Center Dr.;
  4. Additional signing and pavement marking improvements.

The Project Fact Sheet can be found below: