Howard Ave.-Dekle Ave.-DeSoto Ave. Intersection Improvements

The intersection of Howard Ave/Dekle Ave/De Soto Ave is a 5-legged intersection located in between Bayshore Gardens and Historic Hyde Park neighborhoods. Howard Ave is a two-lane Collector roadway with a posted speed of 30 mph. Dekle Ave is a one-way residential roadway with a posted speed of 25 mph. De Soto Ave is a two-lane divided local roadway with a posted speed of 25 mph.

The proposed project will provide improved geometry, signing and pavement markings that clearly define the travel ways and direction of travel. The improvements will address the unsafe “free-flow” condition under the existing intersection geometry that contributes to vehicles traveling the wrong way on Dekle Avenue. The project will also provide pedestrian connectivity along segments of Howard Avenue and Dekle Avenue adjacent to Fresh Kitchen that currently do not have sidewalks.

The proposed project will improve the overall operation and safety of this intersection and is part of the long term improvements to the Howard Ave corridor.

The Project Fact Sheet may be downloaded here.


The initial public meeting for this project was held April 04, 2016.  Afterwards, the City was asked to present again to the public with requested information.  The resulting report and presentation, dated May 16th, 2016, are linked below:

final_howard-dekle-desoto_postmtgreport.pdf howard-dekle-desoto_ppt.pdf