New Tampa Area Bridge Project

Construction of the New Tampa Boulevard Extension and bridge over I-75 to Commerce Park Boulevard was completed in 2013.  The project is approximately 0.7 miles long.  The bridge was constructed to accommodate four lanes of traffic; however, only two lanes of traffic were constructed under the initial construction project.  The construction also includes an 8-foot bike path and a 5-foot sidewalk.  The City  coordinated construction of the New Tampa Boulevard Extension and bridge over I-75 project with Hillsborough County's widening of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard from Palm Springs Boulevard to Pebble Creek Boulevard.

Construction began in the May 2011 and ended in February 2013.

The New Tampa Area Traffic Safety Study was completed to evaluate the existing conditions on the roadways in the area of the proposed roadway extension and recommended additional, potential improvements that would enhance the operation and safety of the transportation network after the completion of the proposed extension project construction. The following roadways were included in this study:

  • New Tampa Boulevard from Meadow Pine Drive to Bruce B. Downs Boulevard
  • Commerce Park Boulevard from Tampa Palms Boulevard West to the existing termini
  • Tampa Palms Boulevard West
  • Tampa Palms Boulevard East